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Biotec Italia is a diversified Aesthetic and Well-being company, focused on improving people’s lives through aesthetic innovations.

Headquartered in Italy with a staff of about 50 employees, Biotec Italia operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Biotec Italia strives to achieve unsurpassed excellence and reliability in manufacturing and supplying high quality industrial products and services to its customers, clients and partners. Our company is never satisfied with existing quality standards.

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Le nostre linee di cosmeceutici
Biotec Italia Cosmeceuticals has been the epitome of modern beauty since 1993. Cosmeceuticals’s cutting-edge research and technology is developed in a major Italian laboratory guaranteeing customers the continuous innovation of products and processes. The studies and experimentation carried out by cosmetic researchers in collaboration with various Italian and international universities explore nature and beyond, in search of original formulas, sometimes revolutionary, for the complete, natural and lasting wellbeing of the skin. Proteins, amino acids, vitamins, sugar derivatives, stem cells of vegetable origin (totipotent and therefore able to repair all tissue types) and vegetable oils rich in active ingredients and proteins: these are the components of all Biotec Italia products. Each raw material is of pharmaceutical quality or in its superior and most purified version, concentrated in effective next-generation formulas distinct for their high levels of skin tolerability. In-depth laboratory controls test cosmetic and functional performance, but also the pleasantness, the softness and the fragrances of each product. The most advanced cosmetic research, in synergy with the traditional beneficial properties of nature, to rejuvenate the ideal splendour of the face and body.

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