The boundary
of beauty is




Multifunctional platform combines several technologies in a high-tech device.

RenovaOmnia is a unique technological innovation, combining several technologies into one safe and non-invasive system for facial and body procedures.

This combination is the key to an amazing increase in the quality of the aesthetic results. RenovaOmnia is therefore a technological modular platform that guarantees absolute efficacy of the treatments: a real generator of beauty and wellbeing with a unique and exclusive design.

Unique treatment protocols have been developed by Biotec Italia experts in order to maximize the effect of each treatment, thus enabling intervention on specific areas with different treatment combinations.


Breakthrough Technologies.

  • The most effective technologies
    within one high-tech treatment device.
  • Excellent results on any area of the body.
  • The only device in its kind available on the market.
  • Never obsolete: expandable and upgradeable
  • Innovative and exclusive design.
  • Unique clinically proven to work treatment protocols.
  • Tailored procedure to treat each body area
    with different kinds of technologies.
  • 3D-Density technology automatically modulates
    the field’s frequency.

Maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Reliability and safety during the treatment
procedure thanks to high technological
standards and innovative treatment protocols.

Resumption of normal daily activities
immediately after the treatment.

Guaranteed comfort during treatment,
thanks to handpieces ergonomy.

Multiple face technologies for non-surgical skin lifting and volume contouring. 

In response to consumers seeking skin treatments that address multiple signs of aging even in one session, Renova Omnia offers synergetic treatments that bring together unique technologies and capabilities., Several technologies that offers a sequential treatment protocol that delivers smooth, glowing skin naturally. This innovative treatment incorporates two proven technologies that deliver immediate and accumulative results with minimal discomfort and downtime.

The variety of treatment applications
which increase in a surprising way the quality of the aesthetic results

Treatment indications

Skin laxity
Thickened skin
Skin spots
Scars and stretch marks
Superficial and deep wrinkles
Loss of the oval of the face
Open pores
Localized fat
Abdomen adiposity reduction
Hip adiposity reduction
Internal and external thigh adiposity reduction
Arm adiposity reduction
Reduction of adiposity in the subscapolar area

Multiple technologies for body contouring.

Subcutaneous fat reduction for body shaping is a highly requested treatment, Most people want to avoid surgical procedures, which are scary because of the possible side effects, the need for anaesthesia and the long recovery time. Renova Omnia offers a solution for the body contouring  in an effective and non-invasive way: the best devices for non surgical body contouring thanks to a combination of an innovative synergy of clinically to work technologies that are able to achieve excellent results. Several technologies which  mobilizes cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue down to the deepest layers, boost circulation, drains liquids and promotes the reduction of fat deposits.


Always current,
with updated
at your disposal.

Biotec Italia platforms introduce a new concept related to performance. Latest generation hardware and software components, designed by BIOTEC ITALIA R&D specialists, designed to be updated, allowing you to permanently eliminate obsolescence.

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