of our identity:
Passion for innovation.


The history of Biotec Italia is one of hard work and ever new challenges, always united by a passion for the culture of innovation.
Biotec Italia is a private company with three partners: Fulvio Antonio Ferrari, Francesco Piovan and Franco Veneziale.


Making a difference through design

In the medical and aesthetic industry, the pace of change is unprecedented. Additionally, one of our biggest priorities here at Biotec Italia is to be an enabler of this remarkable progress and innovation.
Solving our customers’ problems is our passion. As a technology leader, we recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and our success is to anticipate customer needs and develop new technologies and innovative solutions that provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage.

Anticipating progress with innovation

Innovation is not a result of a committee or even one individual. We believe innovation is up to all of us, and very much a collaborative process.
By working and cooperating with leading micro-mechanic, optoelectronic, electronic, robotic and medical experts, Biotec Italia anticipates market innovation changes.

Versatile technologies for multiple medical and aesthetic specialties

The intellectual assets of the company are the key for innovative technologies and advanced production methods for a wide variety of medical and aesthetic applications. Our products cover the majority of medical and aesthetic disciplines.
Among the most popular: Erbium YAG, Qswitched YAG, Short and Long Pulse dual frequency YAG and Diode lasers, HIFU Focused Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, Microdermabrasion, Needle-free Mesotherapy, Plasma Microsurgery and Cryo-Sculpting technology.

The best skills, together, for technological innovation

Total quality standards

Biotec Italia’s comprehensive R&D resources provide customers with a measurable competitive edge. Our manufacturing facility is supported by a team of highly skilled engineers, and an exceptional compliance record with quality and regulatory bodies.
Biotec Italia is uniquely positioned to design, engineer and manufacture the most technologically advanced medical and aesthetic products. We save customers money by identifying key technologies right from the concept phase. Our team of engineers, supported by independent ISO 13485 certification, provides detailed and accurate documentation that supports the prototyping and pre-production phases, and delivers workable results. Throughout production, engineers evaluate product performance, oversee more testing and make final improvements.
As an additional customer benefit, Biotec Italia’s engineering capabilities include warranty and repair work, and component recycling and disposal in compliance with all environmental regulations.
The medical and aesthetic industry… Aligning innovation with the needs in a responsible and inclusive way.