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The new home cosmetic medical treatments


The Rejuve Cliniceuticals laboratories put biochemistry at the service of cosmetics by creating innovative formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients for the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

The Rejuve line of cliniceuticals is the result of a great experience gained in chemical and medical sciences, and is formulated to be effective against various skin problems.

Skin science has
never been so beautiful

The high quality of REJUVE CLINICEUTICALS products comes from the constant commitment of Dr. ELEANA PAPASAVVA FERRARI, biochemical expert, aesthetic doctor and nutritionist who, together with her research and development team, works on the formulation and creation of high performance products with high concentrations of active ingredients.

One of the biggest challenges in the preparation of futuristic formulations is the use of active ingredients that take advantage of the unique properties of nanotechnology, with active ingredients that can penetrate deeply into the skin to better express their functionality.


Constant formulation research, coordinated by the founder Dr. Eleana Papasavva Ferrari and supported by external specialist centres and universities.

Active ingredients thoroughly tested under medical supervision also on subjects with sensitive skin, in support of specific skin tolerance.

Research carried out without animal testing.


Our cliniceuticals for medical cosmetics.