Combination of technologies
for air sanitization:
the new benchmark
in performance.



Air purifier with ozone


CombO3 was created for air purification and for the control of odours and infections in enclosed spaces,

A sanitized and safe environment
affordable for everyone.

  • Performance: up to 6g/h of ozone production.
  • Speed: air santization and purification made easy.
  • Safety: an accurate sensor monitors air quality.
  • Efficiency: Zeogene proprietary technology maximizes ozone production.
  • Ease of use: an algorithm manages the sanitization and purification cycle.
  • Versatility: can operate in the absence of room ventilation.
  • Design and technology: exclusive design and technology MADE IN ITALY.

CombO3 synergy

CombO3 destroying bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi and to ensure
that the air and all exposed surfaces are sanitised.

It uses the recognized benefits of ozone which, due to its high reactivity, is an ecological disinfectant suitable for countless uses: sanitization of medical centers, surgical surgeries, wellness centers, beauty centers, motor vehicles, restaurants and hotels, home environments, gyms, health centers and nursing homes.

Working safely

In compliance with the Security Protocol for Companies – Covid/19, the company is required to ensure the daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of professional environments (workstations and common areas).

The sanitization of work environments enjoys tax credit (DL n.18 17/03/2020).

Better to sanitize
or purify?

Not everyone knows that the two terms are not synonymous and that they do not
refer to the same mechanism. If it is true indeed that they both have in common
the objective of making the indoor air purer, it is also true that they reach it in two completely different ways and what is more important, that the level of purification obtained is different.

CombO3, unlike the various air purifiers and sanitizers on the market, sanitizes and purifies the air at the same time. A single treatment is able to reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria and other polluting and pathogenic microorganisms in the air.

Ozone has a very strong natural and organic biocidal power. It is known as the most powerful, effective and safe compound in disinfection and sanitization treatments. It eliminates more than 99% of bacteria.

Ozone deactivates and inhibits viruses and, by means of the peroxidation process, breaks the viral capsid and interrupts the viral reproductive cycle by preventing contact betweenthe virus and the cell.

The fungal and mould spores can remain inactive for months and become active when bioclimatic conditions are favourable to them. Ozonization is currently the fastest and most effective way to eliminate them.

As ozone is a heavier gas than air, it can penetrate inside the fibres of fabrics (mattresses, sofas, armchairs, carpets) creating an immediate oxidation reaction, eliminating allergens and living microorganisms.

Ozone neutralizes smoke particles and unpleasant odours, acting in a pervasive way on surfaces and tissues, reaching the most difficult points to access and acting in the long term.

The Twins technology

Twins technology, thanks to its exclusive touchscreen-programmable operating system,
produces controlled ozone that attacks the various organic compounds by oxidizing
and inactivating them (mites, bacteria, fungi, moulds, viruses).
Ozone undergoes a process of conversion into oxygen at the end of the cycle, making
the ambient air healthy and breathable, guaranteeing safety and reliability..

Ozone cycle O3
By entering the parameters relating to the size of the environment, pre-set algorithms define the time required for the ozonization cycle necessary for sanitization.

Oxygen cycle O2
Reconversion of ozone into oxygen through an autonomous process that conveys ozone-rich ambient air in the vicinity of an activated carbon filter that purifies the air.

ZEOGENE proprietary technology
Filtering of the ambient air through a molecular sieve, dries the air and filters the nitrogen, enriching the ambient air of oxygen, up to over 90%. The ozone is formed by combining an oxygenation with an oxygen molecule (O2), and its purity, maximizes and makes its transformation in ozone extremely efficient.

Monitoring of air quality
A precise and reliable sensor that detects the amount of ozone present in the ambient air. The military-grade technology ensures an accurate reading of the recorded data. Only the ozone that comes into direct contact with the cathode permeates through the sensor membrane ensuring reliable measurement.


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