In 1993, after completing his studies and after a brief experience in a medical technology company, Fulvio Antonio Ferrari founded Biotec Italia. The company’s history is closely intertwined with the personal characteristics of its founder.
“I have always had the inclination and passion for technology, science, art and harmony in aesthetics and the belief that all this influences and revolutionizes the perception of beauty and well-being.”
Fulvio Ferrari is a self-made entrepreneur and describes himself as a mix of self-esteem, self-discipline, determination and a sense of competitiveness. Curiosity and passion are his driving forces. Fulvio Ferrari is the inventor of the medical technologies produced by Biotec Italia and holds several patents on them.



Francesco Piovan, in 1986, began his professional career in the world of aesthetics and wellness. His university training in marketing and communication is applied with passion and for a decade determines the success of the company for which he collaborates.
The next step in his personal growth was his entry into Biotec Italia in 1996. He remembers that crucial moment in his professional life: “Versatility and hard work allowed me to become a 360° entrepreneur. Constant training, the creation of state-of-the-art cosmeceuticals and patented technologies characterize Biotec Italia and fill me with pride and enthusiasm. I find that passion in the things we do is the only way for personal fulfilment and to give a deep meaning to our lives. I like the idea of building a company of women, men and virtues, of people who set a good example and who never give up.”



Franco Veneziale is a true fan of electronics and robotic technology. His earliest memory in the world of electronics dates back to the early 1980s: “I remember when I was a high school student, when in an attempt to earn some extra money, I had to invent all kinds of jobs, like when I sold second-hand color TVs, assembled with parts from broken televisions.”
After finishing his engineering studies, Franco worked in a leading mobile phone company, where he became interested in hardware and software design.
He joined Biotec Italia in 1996, when he became project manager of the company’s Research and Development section. During his career at Biotec Italia, Franco has made an absolute contribution to the creation of innovative and cutting-edge technological products.