Partial hyperhidrosis treatment, non-surgical face lifting and reduction of fat accumulations

CFU Èlife uses focused sounds in an innovative application method that allows to treat tissue areas at different depths, simply by acting on the focus of the ultrasonic wave. No other device on the market allows you to combine precision, simplicity and effectiveness in the same applicator, reducing the cost of therapy for the doctor, generally very high for this type of treatment.

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Microwaves  to combat cellulite, adipose tissue, and skin laxity.

Lysiwave is the latest and innovative technology of Biotec Italia Medical, patented, unique on the market for Body Contouring. Combines the action of microwaves and a constant airflow to:
– reduction of volumes and elimination of excess liquids,
– lysis of adipose tissue,
– contrast of compact cellulite.

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Intelligent laser platform for the treatment of skin and vascular lesions and for hair removal

Xlase Plus represents a unique innovation within the panorama of laser technologies, and this is why it fully meets the needs of the medical professional. A versatile and cutting-edge platform, Xlase Plus features a modular design that offers multiple application solutions, all integrated into a compact and reliable device.

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Innovative “body shaping” technology that targets skin and subcutaneous toning.

MEDISCULPT emits focused electromagnetic waves capable of producing from 24,000 to 36,000 muscle contractions in a session of just 20-30 minutes. The electromagnetic field that is created on a specific muscle band contracts the muscle in depth and not only on a part of the fibers, generating, thanks to the high frequency, a so-called tetanic contraction that is obtained when the muscle tissue is stimulated to the maximum by the its motor neurons, inducing an increase in tone and, over time, an increase in muscle volume.

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Transportable multidisciplinary technology for the face and body.

CoaxMed One combines the action of six different technologies in a single platform, to obtain a powerful synergy capable of improving the majority of skin imperfections. CoaxMed One presents the revolutionary combination of monopolar, bipolar and fractional radiofrequency, low frequency ultrasound, focused ultrasound, vacuum massage, biostimulating laser and cryoliposculpt.

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The evolution of cryolipolysis for body contouring

Cryoliposculpt includes Fit4® technology that allows you to treat up to 4 fat folds simultaneously, drastically reducing the number of applications. It is a technique that allows you to permanently reduce the number of fat cells, but without the hassles and risks of surgery.

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Radio frequency, electroporation and plasma energy for the treatment of facial imperfections

Intraject is a medical device of the latest conception in which three technologies of proven clinical effectiveness are combined: Radiofrequency, Electroporation, Plasma energy. Intraject is composed of three generators that operate with different frequencies and pulses, controlled by a very sophisticated software.

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